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Several convoy participants are chronicling the trip in their blogs. You can read their stories about the trip below.

Merrill Eisenhower Atwater

A great-grandson of President Eisenhower and a communications major at Missouri Western State University. He chronicled the trip and shared family recollections.

Chuck Zimmerman

Zimmerman participated in the convoy driving a truck sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council. He wrote each day, including many interviews, and pictures, and video clips, focusing on things like fuel, especially the alternatives like ethanol.

Dana Alexander Nolfe

Dana Alexander Nolfe, the Chief Public Affairs Officer for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, shared her impressions of the trip and of how America loves its highways and byways in her blog, Life on the Highway.

Roadside Conversations

The Roadside Conversations team has a blog, News from the side of the road, where they describe their experiences on the trip and in setting up their Airstream Travel Trailer with advanced audio-visual recording and playback facilities.

Steve Jarriel

Steve Jarriel, reporter for NCNTV, who accompanied the convoy and appeared on NCN's daily webcasts, shares reflections on his trip in a blog.